Smile Sometimes: Tashawn “Whaffle” Davis | September 7th-September 15th, 2019

Wildernesses: Amy Butowicz, Kelly Worman, Georgia Elrod, Johanna Robinson, Jenifer Kobylarz, Susan Wanklyn, Michael Voss, Ted Gahl I July 14 - August 25th

Anton Zolotov: Playing with Fire

Viel Feind, Viel Ehr: Andreas Bunte, Andrew Guenther, Barbara Westermann, Gibb Slife, Heidi Specker, Hester Oerlemans, Jeroen Jacobs, Jerry Blackman, John Hodany, Johnny Mullen, Lutz Braun, Marike Schuurman, Michael Kirkham, Mike Olin, Raaf van der Sman, Stef Heidhues, Thomas Schroeren, Valentin Just, Jess Willa Wheaton, Anton Zolotov | February 17th- May 4th

Strange Form of Life: Matt Kleberg, Clare Grill, Jim Lee, Lars Fisk, EJ Hauser, Meg Lipke, Graham Wilson | December 3rd- February 10th


Body of Evidence: Juliana Cerqueira leite, Ryan Foerster, Christopher Rivera, Fanny Allie, Matteo Calligari, Allison Evans, Gavin Kenyon, Sarah Greenberger Rafferty, Borden Cappalino, Graham Durward, Eli Ping, Leo Fitzpatrick, Joanna Malinowska, September 30th- December 2nd 2018

Graham Wilson, Sometimes I Confuse Myself Too...February 17th – June 3rd 2018

Cultivated Memory, Archaeologies of the Imagined: Adler, E. | Mills, C. | Santana, A. | Sztencel, A. | Van Hoorebeke, A. Curated by:Onol, I. December 3 - February 4


Adolescent Land by Tommy Kane
September 9- October 29, 2017

Grid Works by Beriah Wall
 May 13- June 25, 2017

Tooth and Nail, Curated by Rebecca Sutton
January 27- March 26, 2017


Conjunctions: Heather Dewey-Hagborg, Jonas Weber Herrera, Andreas Savva, Kato Six
Presented in collaboration with Residency Unlimited, Curated by Rachel Valinsky
November 4- December 18, 2016


Rowan Renee: Bodies of Wood
Curated by Walker Waugh
April 7-June 11, 2016


Bryan Graf and Reveille Barnes
Curated by Walker Waugh
December 13, 2015 - March 31, 2016


Pairing Down
Søren Aagaard, Felipe Cohen, Diana Policarpo, Ariel Reichman
Presented in collaboration with Residency Unlimited
Curated by Marion Guiraud and Rachel Valinsky
November 6 - 22, 2015

Leopardi, Giacomo. III. Dialogo della Moda e della Morte. [Febbraio 15 – 18, 1824]. L’Operette Morali. 1827; 
memory is blue in the head? heads are easily taken off. (1)

Genesis Belanger, Noah Furman, Vanessa Gully-Santiago, Harris Johnson, Lior Modan, H.B. Peace, Deirdre Sargent, and a selection of Japanese Boro textiles.
Curated by Alan Longino
September 12-October 25, 2015


Graham Wilson: Tired of Bal(d)ing Out
July 11-August 23, 2015


Samuel Payne: Appropriate Conditions
May 23-June 28, 2015


SELECT Contemporary Art Fair: Timo Fahler, Loie Hollowell, Meg Lipke, Lara Saget
Center 548, 548 West 22nd Street, New York, NY 10011
May 13-May 17, 2015

The Kentler Flatfiles: Red Hook Artists—The 90s
Curated by Florence Neal
April 9 - May 3, 2015


I Swallowed a Moon Made of Iron; for, i promise to burn brightly
Andrea Crespo, Loie Hollowell, Andrés Laracuente, and materials from the Wendy Carlos archive
Curated by Alan Longino
February 13 - March 29, 2015


Nothing Will be Lost
Curated by Marion Guiraud
Izabela Gola, Jesse Greenberg, Robyn Hasty, James Reddington, Corey Riddell
December 12, 2014 - February 1, 2015


Somewhat Slightly
Amy Bay, Molly Herman, Meg Lipke
October 9 - November 23, 2014


Francesca Capone: Oblique Archive
September 4 - October 4, 2014


Matthew Varey: To Witness
July 25 - August 24, 2014


Matter to Scale
Guy Nelson, Leah Raintree, Brian Rattiner, Christine Howard Sandoval, and Laura Tack
Curated by Marion Guiraud and Leah Raintree
June 20 - July 20, 2014


Samuel Payne: final lap
May 8 - June 15, 2014


David Preddy: her empty
March 22 - April 20, 2014


Sean Thomas Blott, Andrew Durbin, Eileen Maxson, Aiden Morse, Wyatt Niehaus, Corwin Peck, and Jordan Tate
February 13 - March 16, 2014


Vanessa Hodgkinson: P R E I M A G E

Curated by Julie Solovyeva
January 10 - February 9, 2014


Graham Wilson: Remnants of Arcadia
December 7, 2013 - January 5, 2014


Mark Cannariato: On east ease miness and my diamondsss
October 26 - December 1, 2013


Danielle Gottesman: Vistemboir
September 19 - October 20, 2013


Leah Wolff and Ariel Yelen
July 21 - August 18, 2013


Into the Monochrome, No Empty Square
Max Basch, Samuel Draxler, Myles Dunigan, Lindsey Filowitz, Rin Johnson, Sarah Lipman, Lynnette Miranda, Corwin Peck, Sara Grace Powell, Emma Quaytman, Alyssa Rapp, Lara Saget, Sean Zhuraw
June 8 - July 14, 2013


Tom Bovo: Sidewalk Closed, Use Other Side
May 10 - June 1, 2013