Obsessions into Dreams

By Steven Leal

June 16th – July 22nd 2018

Secretariat (Belmont) 1973_DSC_0869.jpg

Obsessions into Dreams is Steven Leal’s first solo show in NYC. Featuring two separate and quite different series of paintings from his career, the show presents a shift from an earlier exploration of the color, energy and ethos of horse racing, to his more recent experimentation with abstraction.  

Born on the Isle of Wight, Steven is a self-taught artist who is best known for his ever-evolving sets of painting series. He has been most influenced by the work of Mondrian, de Kooning, Turner, and Pollock. Each of his paintings are reworked several times to develop depth, contrast and new meaning. Steven experiments with color, texture and medium to create works that are unique unto themselves while maintaining a balanced visual aesthetic.  

Steven continues to experiment with new techniques as his work evolves while maintaining a slight yet recognizable continuity throughout each series.

View more of Steven’s work at stevenleal.blogspot.com


        The show runs from June 16 - July 22nd and will be open on weekends only Please send inquiries to eric@peninsulaartspace.com

Animal Kingdom 2011_DSC_0845.jpg
Riva Ridge 1972_DSC_0864.jpg
Super Saver 2010_DSC_0853 (1).jpg
Venetian Way 1960_DSC_0840 (1).jpg