Body of Evidence

Juliana Cerqueira Leite Ryan Foerster

Christopher Rivera Fanny Allié

Matteo Callegari Allison Evans

Gavin Kenyon Sara Greenberger Rafferty

Borden Capalino Graham Durward

Eli Ping Leo Fitzpatrick

Joanna Malinowska

Curated by Johnny Mullen

 Sunday, September 30th, through December 2nd

Opening Sunday September 30th, 4-9pm


LIGHTNING fills the night sky.  THUNDER BOOMS overhead. The
wind whips the RAIN furiously against anything in its path.
The CAMERA moves slowly along rows of beautiful HOMES.  At the
end is a cul-de-sac.  Several POLICE CARS are in the driveway,

A four-door SEDAN pulls into the driveway.  JOHN CARDENAS steps
out into the rain.  He is a handsome Latin in his thirties,
with hard, chiseled features and black, slicked-backed hair.
He does not run through the rain -- he walks.

DETECTIVE REESE, a man who looks more like an accountant than a
homicide detective runs out to meet him.
         Is it Marsh?
Just a hint of sadness shows on Cardenas' face.  It lasts an
instant, then it's gone.

         Sir, do you mind if we get out of the
Cardenas doesn't move.  He ignores the question.

         Who found him?