Whaffle Small.jpeg

Smile Sometimes

Paintings by Tashawn “Whaffle” Davis

Curated by Eric Fallen
September 7th-September 15th, 2019
Opening Reception: Saturday, September 7th, 6-9 PM

Smile Sometimes, featuring the work of Tashawn “Whaffle” Davis, is Peninsula’s inaugural Fall Incubator Project, a new annual event that will showcase a young, emerging, Brooklyn-based artist. 

Born and raised in Red Hook, Brooklyn, Tashawn “Whaffle” Davis is a multi-disciplinary artist who brings together humor, historical reference and pop culture to explore a variety of cultural and  socio-political issues.

In his paintings, Tashawn often returns to an imaginary pastoral landscape that he refers to as “Fernweh.” This rural setting provides a backdrop for surreal scenes and narratives that often include mythical creatures called “Squonks.” The Squonk - with its shapeless furry body, sad eyes and anthropomorphic qualities - creates a strange tension within the idealized landscape of Fernweh. 

Interspersed with references to American history and popular culture, Tashawn’s paintings create compelling seriocomic explorations of the African American experience.